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Get to know our new chef

June 26th 2014

Get to know our new chef with our interview below:

1. Tell us about your previous experiences as a chef:
My previous experience allowed me to discover more about my personality and showcase my main qualities is patience as a Chef such as discipline and the search for balance of flavors.

Three years at Beaver Hall Bistro solidified my character and, thanks to Jérôme Ferrer, I improved my attention to detail and made lasting impressions on clients. As for the Ferreira Café, where I held the position as Chef Second, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of seafood, under the supervision of well-established Thierry Baron (Vertigo restaurant) and Jean-François Vachon (Thursday's).

Among the most demanding tasks were personnel management. It is important to achieve harmony between work organization, management and implementation of dishes. But for any chef including myself, the passion for quality products and looking for the best harmony of flavors must be a priority. The customer deserves the best.

2. When did you discover your passion for cooking?
My passion for cooking came later on in life. Rather, it is my passion for wine that led me to the kitchen, a little over 15 years ago. In France, I met Maïté (from La cuisine des Mousquetaires), who was an inspiration in my search for simplicity, frankness in taste and the use of local products.

3. What does ‘food’ mean to you?
Food, in my opinion, is infinitely rich in flavors, textures, colors, perfumes, etc.. It is unfortunate that too many products are improperly prepared and are not fully enjoyable. Food should be respected. A simple carrot, fresh scallops or foie gras should be prepared in the same way: with respect for the product.

4. What’s your favourite dish to cook for your family?
For my family, I always keep it simple. Pasta has always been a favourite – this is a tradition that is not lost.

5. What do you hope to bring Bistro West Brome?
At the Auberge & Spa West Brome, I would focus on the freshness and flavours of the region. I want to use local products, showcase garden produce and deliver dishes that are simple but rich in flavor. I also want the Auberge & Spa West Brome to become THE restaurant in the area that can please all palates.

6. What do you think is unique about the cuisine in the Eastern Townships?
The kitchen of the Eastern Townships can have as many opportunities as the big city of Montreal.

7. Do you have plans to integrate local ingredients to the new menu?
With the new menu, we will continue to offer local products but also highlight all fruits, vegetables and herbs from the garden at the Auberge & Spa West Brome. We will always encourage local produce.

8. There’s a wine cellar with wine tastings for the Auberge West Brome guests. Do you have any special plans to integrate this feature?
With our Sommelier Benoit Lajeunesse, the kitchen of the Inn will offer wonderful food and wine pairings. Also, a more long-term project, which could further enhance the Auberge, would be to establish a small vineyard in cooperation with growers in the region.

9. Are you interested in offering special cooking classes for guests?
Cooking classes are a possibility that I will explore in the future. After all, I was able to give many cooking classes during my stay at Beaver Hall Bistro that we can offer here.

10. Give us a little cooking tip that guests can take into their own kitchens.
There are so many tips that I could give to people when cooking at home, but the one I find most important is always to taste, feel and enjoy cooking.